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my hand


Nominee 12th Annual Black And White Spider Awards in Fine Art Category-Professional.

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a face over a face
These five images are nominees in the People Category "4th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards"- London. Scenes of people in straightforward, unrefined masked moments, without the facade often presented to the world. Whether shy or outgoing there's no risk or vulnerability. These somewhat everyday situations seem odd when hiding behind an artificial face. They are not masked fantasies, ritual, celebration or ceremony. Just a peek at our other selves


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chicken wire

chicken wire

color awards

Chicken Wire was selected as a Nominee in the 11th Annual International Color Awards, in Abstract Category.
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People Under My Eye Lids

Design, Words, Photography - Robert Pacheco

book front cover

People Under my Eye Lids was selected by the Davis Orton Gallery - Griffin Museum of Photograpy 8th Annual Self-Published Photobook competition to be exhibited at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, Massachusetts
March 8 - April 1, 2018.

Preface (Edited)

About ten times since 1990, when feeling out of sorts in the darkness
of closed eyes, I've seen revolving dramas of people I do not know.
Much like an old black and white movie snippet.

Once in a while frames freeze. I snoop on private moments. Every day
scenes seem like off-the-wall slices of time.
Unreal images appear more real life than surreal.

At times moving or still vignettes may fade into similar imaginary settings,
with different characters. Some strangers look directly at me.
Others not aware I am watching them. I open my eyes and the dramas 
gone. I close my eyes revealing continuing scenes.

Like dreams, situations are easily forgotten if not written down immedia-
tely. These dark illusions happen so infrequently I have never made notes.

Here's one vivid closed eye scene from memory:
*Intermission in the foyer of a grand opera house. Marble columns. Dark-
ness in the background. Under crystal chandeliers men debonair in tuxedos,
women elegant in long evening gowns sipping from champagne flutes that
glisten in the crystal light. They chat and gesture. Smiling smugly
unaware they are being watched. 

I did an online search. Discovered I'm experiencing Closed-Eye 
 or Closed-Eye-Visualization. (CEV)


book- pg- 40-41


In dreams I am usually a participant, but in these closed-eye dramas I am
an unnoticed observer.

Perhaps photographs in this book are open-eye interpretations
of my closed-eye illusions.

Have you ever seen people under your eye lids?




Book Size - 7"x7" | Pages - 60 | Photos - 51 | Soft Cover


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untitled triptych


mardi gras man


Two photos received Honorable Mention in the "1st edition of MonoVisions Photography Awards." Based in London, United Kingdom. Untitled Triptych in the Fine Art Category. Mardi Gras Man in the Street Photography Category.
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untitled red

red untitled
aerial view
aerial yellow
Aerial Yellow (Abstract) and Red Untitled (Fine Art) were Nominee's in the 10th Annual International Color Awards. The notification email read, "6,178 entries were received from 75 countries and your work received a high percentage of votes overall. Certainly an achievement, well done!"
But not even a dinner for two at a restaurant of my choice. :-)

colors awards 10th

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slice onion

- Slicing Onion - A Nominee in Fine Art category of the 11th Annual Black And White Spide Awards competition. "7,556 entries were received from 71 countries."

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soap opera
- Soap Opera - was a Nominee in Fine Art category of the 10th annual International Black & White Spider Awards competition. "7,686 entries were received from 74 countries."
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spanish lovers


color awards

road to goat rock

road to goat rock
"lovers," Huelva, Spain and "road to goat rock," Sonoma Coast, California placed in the 8th Annual International Color Awards. 7358 entries from 79 countries. "lovers" received an Honorable Mention in people category, and "road to goat rock" a Nominee in Abstract..
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oblivious sunbather
"oblivious sunbather" won a 3rd place Honor of Distinction in the International 9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards competition. Fine Art category.
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salt point 3

salt point 3


This morniing I received an email saying that I am a "Nominee at the 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup." Salt Point 3 is nominated in the abstract catagory. Hmmm "close but no cigar." It's an "International Award Honoring Color Photography," so I guess being a nominee is Ok. Included in the email was my award medal (a click on medal will direct you to the Masters Cup site), a press release form, there will be a certificate in the mail, and a big "CONGRATULATIONS." Salt Point 3 is from my Sun & Cellophane series.
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baby power

baby power
Here is the other image I entered into the International Color Masters Cup, but no mention, no medal. Maybe I should say that these two photos were not made with a digital camera, or digitally manipulated. They were made the old fashion way with Kodachrome 64.

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